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  • Fuel filter UF-60/UF-80
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Fuel filter UF-60/UF-80

Fuel filter UF-60/UF-80Fuel filter UF-60/UF-80
This filter removes nearly all contaminant water and moisture resulting from condensation, as well as rust and sludge to protect the inside of the engine.

Applicable vessel
  • Inboard
  • Drive ship
  • Inboard/outdrive
  • Water jet
  • Keeps out water, rust, and contaminants from fuel line to avoid combustion troubles in the engine.
  • Contains a large filtering area within a small body.
  • Transparent, large-volume sedimentation tank with drain facilitates maintenance.
  • Using the reserve outlet port, the inlet and outlet ports can be directed any way you like.

System diagram

Fuel filter UF-60/UF-80 System diagram