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Electro pneumatic controller

Electro-pneumatic controller Model E/P-A-10
Dimensions 48.6×148×80mm
Weight 500g

Electro-pneumatic controller Model E/P-A-10

Electro-pneumatic controller outputs the signal from the potentiometer on steering handle and control dial in the form of current (voltage). It controls the governor air pressure proportional valve on the governor for ship engines.


Output time adjustment Acceleration/
Constant speed time
3-step adjustment function graph01
Constant speed time
Selected internally to decelerate according to accelerate/constant speed time or decelerate by one step.
Output signal selection Mode 1 Forward/reverse speed adjustment (one-engine one-lever system) graph02
Mode 2

One direction speed adjustment (one-engine two-lever system)


With output meter

Using mode selector to display governor output current/slip output voltage

Self mountable to DIN rail